Rewahard Double Color Silky Durag - Black / White

Rewahard Double Color Silky Durag - Black / White

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  • Unique Color Combination
  • Superior Fabric Stretches Out Without Damage
  • Ultimate Compressions for 360⁰ Waves
  • 40” Longest & 3” Wide Tails Securely Tie-down, One Size Truly Fits All
  • Super Durable Construction
  • Super Large & Stylish Cape

In the 1930s, during the Harlem Renaissance and Great Depression, the durag was used to maintain hairstyles. During the black pride movement of the 1960s and '70s, durags became a fashion statement among African American men. In the 1990s, durags were further popularized by rappers like Jay-Z, Nelly, and 50 Cent.

Designs are avaliable in a myriad of colours at REWAHARD, Check it now!

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